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Columbus Attorney Provides Foreclosure Defense

Firm advises you about mortgage modifications

If you are behind on your house payments and you don’t see any way to catch up, a mortgage modification can help you delay or avoid a foreclosure. Hockenberry Law Office, LLC reviews your mortgage company’s loan modification standards and guides you through the process.

What is a loan modification, and what are the benefits?

Loan modifications are changes to your loan agreement. Your payments get more affordable, so you don’t have to default on your loan. Banks offer loan modification programs because it is cheaper to work with you than to go after you. In most cases, lowering monthly payments allows borrowers to make payments on time. This is beneficial to the lender because it often prevents the borrower from filing for bankruptcy.

What should I do if I’ve been served with a foreclosure summons?

You should take action the minute you learn that your lender plans to start the mortgage foreclosure process. It is in your best interest to be represented at every stage of the proceedings. Your decision to retain a lawyer now may help protect your future income and creditworthiness. Contact foreclosure defense attorney Rebecca Hockenberry at Hockenberry Law Office, LLC immediately for a free consultation.

Ohio attorney addresses your loan modification and foreclosure issues

The foreclosure defense attorney at  Hockenberry Law Office, LLC listens to you, answers your questions and genuinely cares about you and your predicament. Call us today at (567) 560-2095 for your free 15-minute consultation or contact us online.


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